Problems with temperature panel


Since my latest upgrade to SGP the termometer icon at the top menu bar has lost its function - it does not open any temperature panel. Camera temperature data are available and can be read for the camera from the Camera tab on the control panel. It is the temperature panel that is missing, not temperature data input from the camera (an Atik 360EX CCD). Clicking the icon has no effect whatsoever, no panel, no error message, irrespectively if the camera is connected or not.

The same problem seems to be in effect when clicking the histogram icon, the image statistics and the pan and zoom icons on the same bar. No dedicated panel is opened - nothing happens.

So am I doing something wrong or are these panel gone in new releases?

Yours sincerely,
Rolf Johansson

Aprox time of issue:

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OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

I am not sure… maybe they are working, but loading off screen? Do you ever use multiple monitors? Anyhow, you may just be better off resetting the module layout. Go to Tools -> Options, then click “Reset” on the bottom left corner:


Hi Ken and thanks for the rapid reply and excellent tip. Resetting the modules layout fixed the problem. And you were right, the problem occurred after I had tried to run my normal laptop setup remotely from another computer using Windows remote desktop. So there was another monitor involved.
Rolf J, Sweden