Profile problems


Hi, I’m running and I have via Tools / Equipment Profile Manager set up a number of profiles relating to different cameras and associated kit - none have been saved as being default for new sequences.

Using Tools / Framing and Mosaic Wizard I download the image of the object I want to photograph having first selected the camera profile I want to image with using the drop down profile within FMW, frame the image with single or multiple areas as required. Then create new sequence(s). However when it creates the new sequence it defaults to a different profile for the sequence every time, and drops the user profile too.

Can’t see where I’m going wrong with this?

I’m running SGPro on an HP Win 10 laptop.


The Framing and Mosaic Wizard only uses the profile information to determine your scale and FOV. When it creates targets it just populates them into the existing sequence. The Framing and Mosaic Wizard does not create a sequence, it just populates targets based on sequence information. Hopefully that makes sense.



Thanks Jared, I’m now using the ‘Apply a profile to sequence’ once the new sequence has been generated for the object by FMW.
Could this be a feature for v3.## as you have applied a profile to generate either single or mosaic set for an object using a particular ‘set’ of equipment. Having ‘that’ profile applied to the sequence being generated would simplify populating sequence data.
Thanks again Francis