Program not saving Dither instructions


Hi All,
I’m new to SG Pro and am setting up a equipment profile in
I’ve run into 2 issues where the setup does not seem to work properly. Atleast the way the videos seem to explain them.
First. When I set the Dither to Extream in the Auto Guide tab of the Eq. Profile Mgr. and save it to the profile, then close the dialog and reopen it, the Dither is not saved to Extream but reverts to Small every time.
Second, After having set my filter info in Eq. Profile Mgr. and confirmed they are saved, when I select this profile to set up a sequence, the program does not imput the filter data into the sequence.
Does anyone have any suggestions I can try?



Hi again,
Okay, looks like it is saving the Dither setting now. I had to reinstall the program, and it seems more stable.
As far as the program imputting the filter data into the sequence when sellecting an equipment profile from the profile manager? Well, It appears it’s not programed to do this. Filters appear to require that they be entered into the sequencer independently. Not sure about the logic of entering them into the Equipment profile if it’s not going to be carried over. But in any case it’s working. Sorry I was confuesd.



I’m having this exact problem too but don’t want to reinstall the program.



A temporary remedy I’m using until this gets fixed, is I change the dither value in PHD2 to still get the same movement with small dither in SGP. Hth


Yes, looks like a valid issue. I’ll resolve this. It also seems that this only affects the Profile and that the correct value is actually saved (just not shown in the Profile Manager). So creating a sequence with that profile actually populates the correct value.