Providing log and sequence files for support requests

We are no longer allowing upload of log and sequence files to the forum. Our provider does not allow for removal of old files and, over the years, these files have grown to occupy a considerable amount of space. Bottom line is that it is expensive to host all these log files on a forum server. Here are current options (neither will cost you anything):

  • Create a free Dropbox account. Dropbox is literally designed for file sharing… it’s easy to use and supports drag and drop of files right off the Windows File Explorer.
  • Send your files to support@mainsequencesoftware and let us know in the support request that you have done so.

We will be exploring options that allow for automatic submission of logs directly from within SGPro (to our own file server)

How about allowing log files packed with 7zip and max size of 256KB? A 7.2MB logfile i have here ends up at 80KB compressed with 7z Ultra compression, most logfiles are way smaller than that originally so they should take even less space.