PS2: APM File Found But Could Not Be Opened

Somehow in my struggle to figure out why PS2 does not solve an image I discovered that it needs to be pointed to the APM file. After pointing it to the APM file it then failed to open it.

It has always been irritating to use PS2 and I am only trying to figure it out because everyone tells me it is the way to go as opposed to the ANSVR. For the life of me I am not able to figure out why.

I don’t understand what this means. SGPro will read the APM file for you… no need to point anything to it.

Thanks for the reply. Before I try to pont it directly to that it complained it could not find it. And my workflow consisted of opening an image, setting the scale and launching solve and sync.

I can plate solve using ANSVR but I cannot plate solve using PS2 and I cannot solve and sink using either - while simulating using EQMD.

Maybe if there are some instructions on how these work together?

As I said, I am providing the image scale whenever PS2 is being used.

Ah sorry. I forget the name of one of the catalogs is APM. It is also the name of the file PS2 produces when it solves (thus my confusion).

Anyhow, instructions for setting up PS2 in SGPro are here:

Okay, so I have been doing what the instructions say and I am able to confirm that SGP is able to see both catalog files. Still, PS2 does not plate solve.

Did you manage to fix this issue? I am seeing the same thing. This from the log:

[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] *********** SUCCESSFUL SOLVE *************
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SOLVER: False
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SUCCESS: False
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] CONF: 0
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] BLIND: False
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] RA: 0
[07/08/19 08:55:34.788][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] DEC: 0
[07/08/19 08:55:34.789][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SCALE: 0
[07/08/19 08:55:34.789][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FLIPPED: False
[07/08/19 08:55:34.789][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ANGLE (EON): -500
[07/08/19 08:55:34.789][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] MSG: PlateSolve: APM file found, but could not not be opened.