QHY12 one shot color CCD takes only mono subs


Hi there,
I just got used (4yrs) but QHY company refurbished QHY12 one color shot CCD camera. They fully tested before shipping back. I did take few subs running it with SGpro, but it took all the subs in monochrome setting(if there is anything like that). I did try run it with EZcap original software and than shows a color subs. Any idea what could be set wrong or what to do? Thanks!


SGP is software to capture an image. When you take the subs and process them you can bring out the color.


How is possible to bring the colors?


The color is there but you use a processing program - not SGP - to bring it out. You can stack the images in a free program like Deep Sky Stacker and then process that image in a processing program like Photoshop, StarTools, Gimp, Pixinsight etc. Its in these programs that you deal with color.

If you are new with this, I would recommend you go to more general discussion group on imaging. The forums on Cloudy Nights - especially the Beginning and Intermediate Imaging Forum - ia an excellent place to get more information on overall processing images.


I think most of us experienced this same problem when we first started taking astro-images. The process you are looking for is called de-Bayering. On color cameras each pixel has a filter (Red, Green or Blue) located over each of its pixels. These are placed in a specific pattern called a Bayer Matrix. SGP does not de-Bayer the individual pixels (convert the captured image to a color image that it displays) so you see a monochrome image. The color information is there, but SGP does not try to display it. A processing program will know which pixels to convert to Red, Green or Blue and can thus display a color image. Some programs do both, but SGP is an image acquisition automation program and does not try to do image processing tasks such as de-Bayering.

I hope this clears up a bit of the confusion.



I am just beginning to use a new camera that has cooling, a ZWO ASI174MC Cool, which is also a colour camera.

My first image had no colour. I found out that in Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) has a section to set your camera colour sequence of the Bayer Matrix. Apparently what DSS is set to, does not match yours.

Go into DSS, and click on “RAW/FITS Digital Development Process Settings”. At the top of the page, you will see a box to check just ahead of “Monochrome 16 Bit FITS Files…” Check the box, and that will activate the next thing down “Camera”.
You need to choose the Bayer Matrix colour sequence that your camera uses. I found that my camera sequence was similar to a Canon 60D. You may need to do some searching on the internet to find out what sequence your camera has. Once you determine the sequence, you images will be converted using those parameters, and you should get your colour photos.

I hope this helps. CaleyAnn


Thank you very much for all the replies. It was very helpful. I was able to process the color subs in DSS and i ve got color results. :smile:


Thank you CA. It did work really good!