QHY163M doesn't connect


I bought and installed SGPro. I can not connect my QHY163M. I receive the error: Error connecting to QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture

Although it works fine in SharpCap 3.1 (under win10) and 2.9 (under XP).

Is there any upgrande of Ascom camera capture for QHY163M ? I installed the 3in1 version from QHY site, the last version.
Ascom platform 6.3


It seems you are selecting the correct one. Just to recap:

There are 3 drivers to install

  1. Camera Driver - Windows should see your Camera in device manager
  2. AScome3InOne - You use “QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture” for any ascom compatible program such as SGP.
  3. The QHY Filter wheel ASCOM driver

Ascom 6.3 is also correct

Make sure you’ve rebooted after all this just in case. Double check your USB cable/hub.

I’ve had great success with my QHY163M and SGP.


The problem is with Ascom driver from QHY. Trying to solve the problem the application Update Check from QHY told me to update the 3inOne driver for version
I did and Sharpcap 2.9, Scharpcap 3.1, and SGPRO works, but all them send message that the driver is 16-11-18 and the program needs 18-3-30.

Where I can donwload that driver 18-3-30 ???
Any of you, fellows, have this drive ? If yes, can you send me it it ?


Their update checker program is out of date:


Maybe they will get a new version asap. There seems to be a bug in the latest driver has an annoying “connected” and “disconnected” message as well.

You should be able to download the latest driver from the website.

Regardless, it should still connect though. Look for a newer version in the next day or so to fix the connect message.


There is an old copy of the QHYCCD.DLL file on your system. Especially Sharpcap 2.9.

Download the latest camera driver, the ascom driver and the Sharpcap driver and it all will work. I use this camera all the time with SGPro and Sharpcap. Also make sure you have removed older version of SGPro and Sharpcap. Check your software listing in the windows control panel.


In Cloudy Nights forum I saw a post where the team from QHY told that check update hadn’t the link to the new drive. Now it was solved. I downloaded the new drive and it is working fine.
Thank you for all you that answered my question.

note: SharpCap work well full time. It doesn’t use ASCOM for QHY163M. My problem was only with aplications that work with ASCOM.