QHY168C not Connecting


Like the title says I’m having problems with my QHY camera not connecting to SGP. The website is somewhat confusing. You have a system driver, native driver, broadcast driver and an ASCOM driver. I downloaded all of them and it wouldn’t work. I uninstalled them and tried just the system driver and ASCOM driver. It will connect and work within the program EZ CAP if that helps narrow it down. I’m also having issues getting my guide camera the QHY 5L-IIM to connect within PHD2. I have other cameras that work just fine within SGP and PHD2. SGP is up to date as well as my PHD2.


I believe you should need the system driver and the ASCOM driver. If you have problems with those please attach the SGP log and we can look.



Hi Jared,
do you plan to integrate the native qhy drivers in the same way that N.I.N.A. was able to do?


i have 168c, You will need the Ascom drivers from QHY to connect SGP.
Ascom for the Guide Cam too.