QHYminicam 5f intermittent downloads


Trying to use the QHYminicam5f with Sequence Generator Pro (latest beta “take one” in the focus control panel and “sync and solve” in the plate solving tab in the control panel seem to always work but downloads intermittently time out, error out, or never complete in “center” dialog or in a sequence. Same binning as Focus, etc.

Log files to follow.

From memory, error dialogs such as “Can’t save image” popped up, or “downoading” went on forever until I killed SGP and started over.

In Camera ASCOM properties dialog “slow” is selected for download, vs. “fast”. Should I try “fast”?

Is the QHYminicam5f known to work with SGP?




That was with QHY ASCOM version 1.29, and see now they have 1.31. I will try that tonight and report back.


Not any better with new ASCOM driver (1.31) from QHYCCD.




I’m thinking the “downloading forever” problem may be related to condensation inside the camera electronics.

It seems to happen most often after a filter change (but not always).

It seems you can recover (without power cycling the camera) by turning the TEC off for about 30 sec., then on again.

So the good news is I can recover, without power cycling the camera / disconnecting from SGP.

Bad news is I don’t know how to automate this as a recovery step using SGP. Is that possible (turn off TEC, wait 30 sec., turn on TEC, restart sequence when temp reaches set point)?