QSI 683wsg w/Integrated Guider Port



I have been using SGP for several years but with the SBIG STT8300. Given the changes at SBIG, I am no longer sanguine about buying SBIG so am considering a QSI 683wsg w/Integrated Guider Port for a third camera to go to a remote site. I assume that more than a few here are using that or similar QSI.

I would be interested in impressions as to how well it works with SGP.

I would be using an Sti that i already have for a guide camera…



I believe @Ken uses that exact camera. I know it’s a 683 variant, but I can’t recall if his has the guide port or if he’s using a separate OAG.



How about the Sony based 690 or 6120? Anyone using those? I am seeing that the 683 is being discontinued…


I use the QSI 6120…but just the base model…not WSG. No problems between it and SGP.


Good to know! Thanks. I would be using an STi that I already have with the guide port so that should not be an issue as that is direct selected in PhD


I am using QSI660wsg and love it. OAG works great with my SX Ultrastar. Ultrastar is perfect for QSI OAG.



I use the QSI 683 WSG with the STi guide camera. All good!



is QSI making a 16200-based camera yet? is that the 6120?


Nope. 6120 is a Sony CCD chip.




Just curious, where are you seeing the 8300 being discontinued? Is that for QSI specifically?

I have been using the STT8300 with the internal guider via the SGP API. I used to have a problem with communication while taking lots of fast exposures, but that was resolved by a combination of SGP and SBIG updates. Of late it has been a rock solid combination.

Recently, I acquired a QSI690 with wSG 8 and an original Lodestar for guider. First light was a few nights ago, but I was able to successfully run over 8 hours of acquisition time without interruption. So, at least for me this combination seems terrific.

Both setups seem to work really well, but I am interested in working with the small pixels and lower read noise of the Sony for a while, at the expense of overall frame size.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

Craig Smith


I saw that on OPT site. Oddly it is not on the QSI site, which seems to indicate it is still available. Not sure if it is chip or just QSI or neither or both.

I have had good luck with SBIG, know many of the original principals like Alan Holmes and Matt Longmire but am not overly impressed with the new ownership so plan to try another manufacturer.


Thanks for the info.

I understand where you are coming from with the SBIG, although I would say that I think the STT8300 is one of the nicer 8300 based cameras that is available.

The two stage cooling wouldn’t get you much value on the Sony chips, but I think it is helpful to get that extra cooling one an 8300.



I use the QSI 683-WSG with 8 filters and a Lodestar X2 guidecam on the OAG. I really wouldn’t change it for anything else. It is a superb camera - the detail is exquisite. It works very well with SGP.


Same here - the bonus is that if you stack two T-thread adapters onto the housing, the sensor spacing is exactly right for the T-thread sensor spec. In general the combination is very reliable - the only downside is the high quality download is quite lengthy - I think about 15 seconds from memory.


First Question:

I think we have decided to go with the 6120 instead since we already have an STT 8300 that is going on a second scope on the same mount and wanted something with different sampling (about 2X compared to the scope with the STT). I do suspect the download times for the 6120 would be pretty long at 12mp. Anyone know how long? If the 8300 is 15 seconds and the 6120 has the same rate, that would suggest 22 seconds or so.

Second Question:

Is anyone using an Sti on the QSI guideport? If so, am I correct that I would want to order the 1.25" Filter Thread Guide Camera attachment as the guide camera mounting option? Is that right and will the Sti then just screw onto the QSI guideport with the right distances for focus?


About 15 sec for my I3, Win 10 Laptop…direct 5m Active USB cable connection (no hub).


I use a Lodestar on the OAG - but I do not use the QSI guideport. I have a separate cable from the Lodestar, or more recently, ignore it and use pulseguide with the Paramount. Note I think the QSI and Lodestar ST pinout are not the same (reversed)