QSI Driver/Firmware questions

Hello to all.
I have a 583 camera and have never performed a camera firmware update. I’m trying to get Sequence Generator Pro to recognize the latest drivers for operation of the camera through the software. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from the “ATIK/QSI” website. For some reason, I’m not able to find the latest driver version ascom driver within Sequence Generator Pro when setting up QSI camera parameters. It keeps showing version I also have the latest version of ASCOM. I’m assuming it’s because I do not have an updated camera with the latest firmware. I’m also running Windows 10 Enterprise. Can someone tell me if I need the latest firmware to get to the latest QSI 583 camera/filter wheel drivers? Also, since I’m not the most tech savvy, perhaps hand hold me on how to perform installing the firmware/drivers properly?

Any help is much appreciated!!!