QSI filter wheel not responding to Set

I have SGPro and QSI drivers I have selected QSI Camera 2 and QSI Filter Wheel 2 and they connect without errors. In the filter wheel window all the filters are visible in the drop down dialog, however when I select one and then click Set, nothing happens. The filter wheel does not move and there is no error.
If I click on the settings icon for the filter wheel (the wrench), the QSI driver pops up. I can select a filter by number (the filters are not shown in the drop down box), and the filter wheel will move and the filter wheel window gets updated to the selected filter. This is also not reliable, sometimes it goes to the wrong filter number.
This used to all work before updating SGPro and the QSI drivers. I do not know what version of SGPro I was using, but I know it was 3.0.x.x. I am pretty sure the QSI driver that did work was
I have searched the forum and the web and cannot find a solution. Any hints?

Was not able to figure out how to get the latest version of SGP to work with the latest version of the QSI drivers. Finally went back to the earlier versions of SGP ( and QSI (7.4.1824.0_64) drivers I had been using a couple months back and everything worked.
We did have to re enter our equipment profiles, that was an hour of my life I wish I had backā€¦

FWIW, both QSI driver and work for me with SGP. I installed QSI driver to be compatible with other controlling software, and found it not stable/robust against other software such as NINA and The Sky X. Sometime it hang during exposure. Now reverted by to and work with SGP without problem.