Question about interfacing different solvers through SGPro API


I have a question using the API for solving. SGPro offers the possibility to explicit give the hints in the API call or you can choose using the FITS header. If you use the second option, SGPro ignores the RA /DEC hint in the API call.

What I’m experiencing:

  • when having PinPojnt configured, the RA/DEC hint in API call is not working, but I have to use FITS header entries.
  • when haven ansrv configured, FITS header entries are not working, but it seem that explicit RA/DEC hints are necessary.

I thought SGPro is covering these differences by a single API. Am I right ? Do I have to take into account what the solver expects or is there a bug in the API ?

From the documentation there is only the description of the two possibilities of transferring the hints. My wish would be, that SGPro covers the variants an the solver side.

Thanks in advance


I think so… or I might be misunderstanding what you are saying. It is correct to say that SGPro should solve with the API no matter what solver is selected using the same input parameters.

Hi ken, about this :
in sgp, when a blind solve is done, does an hint is provided to the solver ?
( or ansvr).
and please what is the behavior of the Fits header VS hint in both solve/blindsolve in sgp and Api external call ?

Many thanks.

Guessing on this… Are you asking if the blind solver needs a hint? It does not. If you give it a scale hint, it is likely to solve a lot faster though. Possibly you are asking if the blind solver places SGPro into a state where a blind solve would not be necessary for the next solve because we now know where we are pointed. If this is what you are asking, yes SGPro should not need a blind solve next time.

Also not 100% sure on this question so let me know if I’ve answered the wrong thing. Solve requires hints for scale and location, blind solve requires no hints. This behavior is the same whether or not you are using SGPro’s application interface or the API.

Thanks for the reply.
I was melting coordinates hint and scale hint.
and the question was as you explaned if the scale hint was pass on the blind solver.
even through the api.

I think michel did find a way to make this works with sgp .