Question about platesolving

When I start with a session, I use plate solve to get my mount aligned.
To do this with SGP, I use the control panel and hit the key Solve and sync, i expect that then the mount will be sufficient aligned to work on that environment…

Now the question, In a target settings there is a option button to SLEW and Center.
Will this also sync the mount?

Regards Hugo

Centering options will normally sync the mount. Slewing will not. You can avoid centering options attempting to sync the mount if your mount driver maintains its own model (like TheSkyX). In the Telescope tab of the control panel set the “Sync Behavior” to “Offset” if you DON’T want SGPro to sync with the mount after a successful solve.

For whatever it’s worth. Plate solve is all I use and it works flawlessly. Two things. If you use framing and Mosaic then your target is built into the sequence. I just right click in the target name and choose the centering option. That’s it I’m done at that point.

Now if I am using an image that I may have shot some time ago I pull that image up and then Plate solve it. After that I check the box in the solve box to use that plate solve as my target info.

Once that’s done I just right click on the target and choose center again and I’m done.

I’m sure there are a few ways to do it but I have never had to use the control panel to get on target.

Just my two cents. Hope it helps.