Re-connect camera in PHD2


With the new PHD2 automatic connection capability, I wonder if a PHD2 camera re-connect attempt could be part of the recovery sequence?

I’ve lately started getting camera disconnects in PHD2. (I’m pretty sure it’s caused by clear skies and good seeing, but I’m working on the USB connections :wink:) When I’m monitoring the sequence I can just go to PHD2 and click on ‘Connect’ and the camera re-connects, but if I’m not there it never re-connects and the sequence fails. While I figure out the problem, it would be great if I could get sequences to run for more than an hour or so…

I guess it would depend on whether SGP can poll PHD2 for the connection status, or how a camera connect request would affect an already connected camera, but it would at least keep the sequence running instead of aborting after 90 minutes of futile recovery.



Hi Paul,

Automatic re-connection after a camera timeout was impemented in PHD2 v2.5.0dev6. The latest version of PHD2 right now is v2.5.0dev8.

If you would like help diagnosing the cause of the camera disconnect, feel free to post your PHD2 Debug Log on the PHD2 forum.



Hi Andy
I’m currently using the v2.5dev7qhytest5 version. If auto re-connect is already implemented in PHD2 it doesn’t need to be an SGP feature request. I’ll take this over to the PHD2 Forum.