Recalibrate guider when target changes



I know you have this feature already, but it would be great to have it so that it is not a global setting.

For example. If I’m using your wonderful mosaic wizard, I don’t want to force re-calibration every mosaic tile as I’m roughly point at the same area of the sky. But if later that night I slew to a different area of the sky, I’d like to automatically force a re-calibration.

Could you put a check box in the ‘target settings’ dialogue to check if to force re-calibration for that target?





You should not ever really need to use this setting (as such, we have never really improved on it). It is a legacy setting that is designed to adjust calibration when switching between targets that have large deviations in declination AND you are using guider through with the old ST-4 protocol (not much reason to ever do this unless you have gear restrictions that mandate it).

If you ask PHD2 to connect to your mount via ASCOM, it is smart enough to figure out how to restore saved calibrations for a gear profile and also certainly smart enough to adjust calibration based on changes to target location. This behavior completely eliminates the need to worry about any of this stuff (manually).


Thanks for the response.

I guess I’m doing something wrong as my guiding is always Much better if I re-calibrate in the area of the sky that I’m imaging.

I’ll do more research. Thanks again.