Recenter option during recovery


Last night I lost about 2/3 of the sequence when presumably some clouds briefly rolled in and my guide star was lost. During that time (I have watched this happen) PHD2 goes a bit nuts trying to find and recenter a guide star and in doing so, it can move the scope quite a bit in doing so. Last night, when PHD2 was finally able to recover, the field had shifted by about 1000 pixels. When SGP recovery was successful, it completed the sequence perfectly, but with the target now around 1000 pixels off-center. This has happened to me numerous times before and can be maddening especially as rare as clear nights have been lately.

I think this could be easily prevented by adding a recenter option to recovery. So consider this a feature request for that. Thoughts?



I thought this was an issue as well, but I just did some searches.

Check out this thread:

Here Ken states that as long as you have the “Center on when Target Starts” the auto recovery should use that flag when it recovers and center.

Just recently there was a thread here asking for the same thing

Are we asking for something that perhaps is already there?


Whenever recovery is triggered for me, when the guide star is reacquired
SGP solves and centers on the target.


A big yes from me too on this request… I asked last year for this :blush:


Hey Joel, that’s great that it works then, so just to confirm we need to have this option set.

Sometimes I do things manually but, I’ll make sure to have this set for any unattended sessions.



Thanks everyone. I had forgotten that I started that other thread and never saw the solution.



this is interesting and just as a suggested improvement of terminology, would it be possible to have the text displayed as ’ Center on when target starts or recovers’

I have used SGP for quite a few years but didn’t know the box had to be ticked to enable centering after recovery.

The main problem these days is clouds…