Recovery Mode: Abort after End Time Reached or Continue Sequence?


Hello! I’m trying to configure Recovery Mode.

The manual states that Recovery Mode ends after 90 minutes, scope crossing the meridian, or at the target end time.

Question: At the target end time, will Recovery Mode abort the sequence or will the sequence then go to the next target and try to run it?

Reason: I have my scope in a small enclosure with walls that go to 30 degree horizons. I have set altitude to account for this. However, during sequence runs, the scope might run past this and SGPro loses the image (since it is taking an image of the wall) and tries to recover. When it cannot, the sequence aborts rather than continue onto the next target. The telescope continues to track (and eventually points to the floor if I don’t check it) since I do not have “Park” or “Stop tracking” at the end of sequence enabled.

To prevent this abort, should I set an end time instead of altitude? Is there a way to have SGPro try the next target when recovery fails? If using an end time, when Recovery ends at the end time, would it abort the sequence or slew the next target to try to image that?

Thank you for your help and best regards.



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Time or altitude will both have the same behavior. Once Recovery fails the sequence is over. There’s no getting around that.



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