Recovery mode - Next Target option


Where I image, I have a fairly wide open space but sometimes targets get obscured by trees along the horizon. With some targets low in the sky to the south, I get a very small window to image them.

I had targets lined up in the sequence, but when the target was obscured and lost guide star, the sequence didn’t abort that target and move to the next, it simply aborted altogether and parked for the night. In this case, recovery mode wouldn’t have helped I don’t believe after reading what it is designed to do because my target was obscured and it wouldn’t be able to plate solve.

What would be nice is a Recovery mode- move to next target option and allow it to follow the list of the sequenced items.

Is there any way to do this now perhaps? I would say I could use Target times, but my problem is I don’t have an accurate representation of my landscape on Stellarium. (I do have my landscape loaded, but the scaling is not accurate which is a problem in their application so I can’t generate accurate times there)

Recovery mode - Next target option would solve this.

Great application and thanks!


I second this idea. Same issues as op, with the addition sky shed pod dome that I keep stationary over night.