Remaining time in sequence?



I need know if when define the sequence in SGP with the light, Flat, Dark, etc…, the information display in the remaining time considered for the total calculation among others:

  • Time download the photo.
  • Time autofocus during the sequence.
  • Others.

The most of the time described it is possible to define in GSP and when calculating the full time remaining of the sequence should be considered.

The other time how analysis of data after download the photo, time recuperation after Dithering not possible to add (more variables).

Any comments?

Thank you,



Depends if you provided the information for SGPro to add that to the remaining time estimate. The input area is a little hidden:

No. It is not possible to do this.

No other modifiers are used to estimate time remaining.


Hi Ken,

Thank you for your email, I have this information in my setup and with your email I understand SGP use to obtain the global time in the sequence.

Thank you,