Remote Astrometry solver works, local doesn't


Some variants of this has been posted in this forum, however, I’ve tried everything noted in those posts. Essentially, for the attached file, am unable to solve it locally - I have all the index files. However, I’m able to (1) Upload the file to Astrometry and it solves with index-4111.fits (2) also able to point SGP to the remote Astrometry solver and that too solves. I’ve attached the relevant screen shots etc. Thanks for any advise.


I have an update to this thread - I figured out that the local blind plate solve works if I provide the correct scale. It fails otherwise. However, providing the correct scale and angle does not work at all for the attached image which can still be solved by the remote Astrometry solver (Image copyright Rogelio Bernal Andreo)


Hi nav2000,
The online version is your best bet if you are trying to plate solve processed images like those examples.
The local solver should work fine in the field for your SGP imaging work flow – Solve and Center, scope Sync, etc. (Though I’d recommend using PlateSolve2 as the primary solver and local as the backup/blind solver if you have not set it up that way already.)
As you noticed the key is to have the right image scale for your gear set on the camera tab of the Control Panel.