Remote desktop options

For the past twenty years, I have been using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client for accessing customer systems, so when I automated my observatory, I installed a VPN so that I could use RDP instead of Team Viewer. Recently, several of my buddies in the Stellar Skies dark sky site operation were kicked off Team Viewer when the TV people decided they were violating TV’s commercial use policy. One of the members then posted that he had replaced TV with Google’s remote desktop add-in for Google Chrome. I decided to try it also. I found it very easy to install and configure and it works really well. Far better than any other remote desktop software out there – and I have used most of them. Plus – it is truly free to use.

According to documentation, when Google remote desktop starts, it looks to see if it can connect to the target machine directly (that is, via the LAN or VPN). If it can, it does. If not the remote machine is accessed via a Google server in a manner similar to TV. I have tested and the performance in either scenario is excellent, even with a low bandwidth connection.

Go to: for more info.


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Thanks for tip - I am more or less in your same situation, and very glad to know of the Chrome option - wasn’t aware of it!