Report on Side of Pier One Step Behind

I’ve not seen this discussed previously, but have noticed it on my recent logs.

The attached DropBox folder contains three subs (NGC6543, 0017, 0018 and 0019). Subs 0017 and 0018 report sop-west in their title. Sub 0019 reports sop-east. Both 0017 and 0019 are correct. However, 0018 is actually sop-east (vs. sop-west).

No biggie, just looks like the cart got before the horse on this.


Any thoughts from the Gurus?


Maybe a bug with your ASCOM driver? Can’t be sure… The only thing I can say is that, SGPro gets that information directly from your mount at the time the file is written… if your mount passed the meridian during 0019, then it might say east? Not sure… depends on your driver.

Thanks Ken.