Request: Guider "Pause" button on guider module


When SGP does autofocus, it pauses PHD2 (if so desired) prior to running the AF routine. When completed, PHD2 will return the guide star to its original position. From time to time, I need to run autofocus manually. To pause PHD2, I need to switch to it and pause it manually. It would be helpful if there was a “pause” button on the PHD2 module, allowing me to do everything from the SGP GUI.

Of course, this is merely a minor convenience request. If it would take a lot of effort, please feel free to disregard the request. I know you have bigger fish to fry.



While not on the module, you can pause from the control panel.



Yeah, I know. That’s no easier than switching to PHD2 and pausing, though. It would be nice to do AF with just two clicks. Like I said - it is a minor convenience request and only then if it’s a trivially easy thing to do.