[Request] Had a small catalog of bright stars for focusing


Since a lot of us use Bathinov mask to achieve the focus, it would be awesome if you can implement a module with a really small number of bright star (the stars used for the alignment of skywatcher or celestron mount for example) to point. This will allow users to leave forever skychart software. Frame and focus to point the target and a way (with a center on would be awesome) to point bright stars and make focus is all I need! :smile:

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Ps: Right now the workflow is something like: open skychart, point a bright star, open SGP, platesolve and sync (because low budget mount don’t point right at first time if not proper aligned at the begin), reopen skychart, point, open SGP and check…


No one have my “issues” ?


Do you use the framing & mosaic wizard and platesolve?

Before I used AF for this situation I create a temporary target in F&M, say Vega and then slew and center to that, focus with the mask and when happy delete or disable that target and run as normal.


I thought about a solution like that but this mean I have to make it everytime and for star near the object (Deneb for NGC7000, Mirak for M31 ecc…). It would be simple to make a small catalog! you can choose and go…:slight_smile: At least in my opinion. Or what about suggest a bright star close to the F&M object? You can calculate it by watching the center of the F&M RA and DEC and than suggest a star. This would be perfect!

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Matteo Collina


You can use the focus target markers:

Essentially slew to your focus star and set a focus marker. Then focus and slew to your target (either by setting a target marker or using auto center). Then when you want to focus just use the “Go” button to slew to your focus target. Focus then go back to your target.



I’m not completly happy with this method due to the need of write down the RA e DEC of a star (skychart needed again) for every sequence I create and because the centering of the object is not automated. But that seems just a problem with me. So, I understand is not the priority…


I think no matter what you’d need some type of interaction to determine a bright star near your target. I think quite a few of us are auto focusing which is why this isn’t a huge issue.


Of course, yes. It was not a complain…You can’t of course resolve desire of every user! :smile: