Request option to run script before every light exposure


We currently have the option to run a script before a specific event, but I would like to be able run the same script before every event without having to repeatedly enter the same script in every event.

I see this has been requested before but it is not present in the Feature Requests category.

EDIT: I just learned that the pre-event script only runs when switching to another event. What I am actually looking for is the ability to run a script before each exposure (Light frames only).


SGP API: SgCaptureImage fails saying "The camera is busy"

SGP 3.0 will use a new interface here is a preview :slight_smile: :




Version 3.0 ?, When will it be available?




That was a joke.

We haven’t even started on version 3 or discussed with it will entail.



That’s a much less cluttered display - I like it.