Resolution to Atik EFW2 filter wheel issues


I heard from Chris Golden of Atik that he has cleaned up the code for the EFW2 filter wheel. Apparently there was older unnecessary code that was conflicting with some newer additions. He also requested that I pass on a message to members of this forum who have problems with their filter wheel to contact him. He can be reached at:

  • Ajay

Hi Ajay,
I’ve gone to the thread you listed below, but it looks like it’s closed. If you can still post on it, can you tell people to contact me if they’re having problems with their filterwheel and I’ll send them the updated file.

Edit: Although I have not tested the updated driver, at least one other SGPro user has used the updated patch and found that it has solved the issues he was seeing.


This is good to hear. I will have to look into the new drivers!

I also wanted to mention for others be sure to check the motor tension adjustment screw. The EFW2 apparently often ships with the screw quite loose and can cause slippage.

In my case the rubber band on the wheel actually came loose at one point. Since I fixed that and snugged down the motor tension screw I have had no further issues with the EFW2.