Restart bad autofocus


Is there a way to automatically restart the autofocus in a sequnce if the validation frame is far from best focus?


There is a button on the bottom left of the focus graph that says “try again” or something to that effect.

Personally, I would like a button that actually stops an in progress focus and restarts immediately. Sometimes it is obvious from the graph that something went wrong and I would rather not wait until it finishes an obviously bad run to try again.


In this way I can rerun the autofocus manually, but I ask if it is possible to re rerun the autofocus in a sequence automatically when it is far from focus in the validation frame.


Just click Cancel, choose a better start point (GoTo on the Focuser control), and run autofocus again. Works for me.


You can do that but it is not always because the center point is off. Often it is because of something funky that screwed up the sample images (satellite, cloud, etc.)


I cannot push the button, because I ask the way to rerun the autofocus during the sequence automatically and I’m not near the PC.


Yes, for totally hands off it might be nice to be able to tell it to repeat focus if it were more than (perhaps a percentage) a certain amount off. Say a checkbox (yes/no) and an amount.

Having said that, I have found that if focus is giving that message more than a little, it is likely that redoing will just keep redoing because something is wrong, so there would have to be a limit to tries and an option to abort instead.

Kinda complicated but not a bad idea.