Robofocus temperature compensation


I am using SGP Pro with a Robofocus focuser. The auto focus routine is working a treat and I would now like to get the temperature compensation working properly. The thing that puzzles me though is that the Robofocus controller is reporting the temperature in what they call ‘raw’ units. These are being read fine by SGP Pro and displayed in the Focus Control control panel. As I am typing this the ambient temperature in my observatory is about 17 degrees celsius and the Focus Control panel in SGP Pro is show 608 as the temperature. 608 is the raw temperature units reporting by the Robofocus control unit.

What I would like to know is how do I set the auto focus to adjust every ‘x’ degrees when the Robofocus is not reporting the temperature in degrees but is reporting the temperature in these different units. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for considering my question,


This will only be of limited help to you…but RoboFocus can display the temp. in Raw Units (as you are seeing), °C or °F. I just cannot remember what I did to set it up…my readings are in °C. Someone else might be more up to speed with this…or you can go track it down yourself.

This is as per the RoboFocus manual:

Temperature. This is a passive display of the temperature. The display automatically updates at the rate set by the entries in the temperature compensation screen (though independent of whether temperature compensation is actually turned on), or when a refresh or other action is made. The units (Raw, F, or C) and calibration are selected in the temperature compensation screen. Note that Celsius and Fahrenheit cannot be selected until temperature calibration is performed.


Thanks Kinch, Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing that entry on the need to do the temperature calibration so will have another look at this and see. Thanks for the prompt response.