Robofocus temperature display


SGP is consistent displaying 100 for the temperature.
I use the following driver “RoboFocus Focus Control V1.02”
All other focus functions work fine.
What did I mis?


Can you connect the focuser to POTH and see what the temperature displayed is? Reading the temp in ASCOM is pretty simple. SGP just requests this and doesn’t do anything with the data. Is other software working ok?




The situation is as follows:

  • connecting to POTH does not make any difference

However when operated thru the Robofocus software the temperature is nicely displayed.

When I try to operate thru SGP (showing temp=100), FocusMax (showing temp=100) and MaximDL (showing temp=unknown) obviously no temp data is being transferred.

All other focusser function work smoothly.

What is not happening,

Kind regards,



Have you tried the Ascom based Robofocus Server software that is available from ASCOM-Standards.
Fred Klein


Hello Fred,

That works fine.

It seems that the basic ascom driver is not complete.

Anyhow your solution works.

I assume the Robofocus server is not intervening with other SGP functionalities.




Sounds like a similar issue and solution here: