Rosette Nebula HaRGB


Spanning several weeks of data collection between awful weather, SGP automates flawlessly. Thanks for looking.


Wow. Stunning job Barry!


Thanks mads0100 (I’m not MADRATTER)

I know there has been such appalling weather for many of us recently, it’s been a rare pleasure to get some good data.



I have had two clear nights in 3 months…tonight is clear but I am sick as a dog…about par for the course…


Yea, it’s been the same in SD. I seem to get an hour or two here and there. I’ve been trying to finish up a 4 panel mosaic and it’s a nightmare.


Mads0100, apologies for my mistake. I hope I didn’t offend . . .


No, you didn’t! I just wanted you to know.

Take care!!


Perfect, a red rose for Valentine’s day. I hope you made it into a card.