Rotator and meridian flip


I am waiting to use my new Optec rotator.
I was reading an old thread from Dec '14 where it said that SGP does not rotate the camera by 180 degrees after a meridian flip. That is good and is what I want as I don’t want to take two series of flats.

Is that still the case with the most recent version of SGP?
Does SGP correct the rotation after the meridian flip? If so can that option be disabled.
In essence I would like to use the rotator only at the beginning of the sequence during the pointing/framing of the image.



This is entirely up to you:


Just curious to know why you need to take a new set of flats as a result of rotating the camera?



Theoretically if your vignetting isn’t perfectly centered on the FOV when you rotate the camera it will change. With smaller sensors this might not be an issue but the larger the sensor the more critical this becomes.