Rotator config in SGP


The configuration has a position for a rotator. Do I have to use that position. What is it meant to be there for?

I have a telescope/camera that sits on a nice mount. And it turns well and tracks as it should. Bot if I select in a sequence file that things should move to a certain heading SGP complains that I don’t have the rotator selected??

I was thinking that this rotate postion was maybe for a dome or something.

Bottom limn, do I have to use that position if I also want my telescope to point to a givien heading on start-up??


That is for a camera rotator. If you don’t have one then ignore that configuration.


ok. Well that is simple.

I am looking at the ‘target settings’ where at the bottom of the screen it says to rotate camera to ‘so many degrees’…

I guess that is meant for a camera that you rotate, just like you said. So I guess I have to make sure I never click on that setting since I dont rotate the camera. But I do turn the camera when I move the scope to my target? I guess that is different. This is where I was making the mistake.

So from now on I can select ‘slew to target or center on the target’ and that should be ok. ??


Yes unless you have “manual rotation” selected somehow