Rotator Settings Placement


Just wondering if the 'Rotator settings that are currently placed in the ‘Target Settings’ dialog box and have a default to +/- 180º as per screenshot below:

could be changed to rotate camera to X.X ‘Always’ as a default setting.(rather than a flipped either/or setting - it would be an exact degree setting by default)

I ideally would like for this setting to be part of the individual equipment profile - and part of the ‘Rotator’ tab settings at some point.

Let me know your thoughts or questions on this.


I could be wrong, but I think most folks prefer the default the way it is now. We will look at options to make this part of the equipment profile so that you can keep the default at whatever position you like.


Hi Ken,
If you could make it part of the equipment profile with ‘savable’ defaults that would be awesome :slight_smile: