Running a script before every exposure?



I was wondering if it is possible to run a vb script before every exposure in an event. I would like to query a temperature sensor and pressure sensor and based on the results, send values to my mount. Is it possible to trigger the script before every exposure or only at the beginning or end of an event?

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Request option to run script before every light exposure

Currently it’s only possible at the start/end of an event.



Thanks for the reply,

I suppose a workaround would be to split the event into multiple events. Cumbersome but would achieve the desired results. Would it be a possibility in the future to add a checkbox to give option for run script every exposure or run every event? It could be very useful to the others also…

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This it will be nice for 10 micron mounts like mine. The refraction function is base on temp and pressure values.


well sabin, i’m about to finish a script and posted that kind of request .
I did’nt saw this post before posting (lazy guy i’m !)