Safety Monitor Active only when the Dome/Roof is open?


I’m operating remotely again and I’ve noticed an annoying problem I’m hoping is easily fixed. When i hit ‘Run Sequence’ it starts the Safety Monitor. If it triggers a safety event, it kills the sequence and parks it even if the sequence hasn’t started and the roof isn’t open. My request would be to add in a check for the safety monitor if the roof/shutter is open or if the event has started. If it hasn’t, ignore it. If it has, operate normally and shut down. It would probably be a good idea to check just prior to opening the roof for the first time too.

This would let me start a sequence early in the day when I won’t be back to a computer for 24 hours and would like to image, but can’t guarantee that the weather will meet my safety triggers throughout the day.


I agree with the same request, I had several nights ruined for failing opening the dome / shutter, I hope it is not complicated to add a a tag that takes account of a failed device.


I have the same issue to deal with. I frequently need to start a night’s sequence early in the day, with the first target set to Start at dark. The weather earlier in the day is not relevant, but the safety monitor kicks in immediately.
@mads0100 suggestion would be perfect. Also closely related to another feature request to restart the sequence in the recovery mode if the weather clears.


Adding this to the 2.4.X life cycle because “I think” it is an easy adjustment. If it is not, it will get the boot to 2.5.