Saving Targets?


I’d like to set up a series of targets - say several (5) CBA targets - and save them as targets and not in sequences. Each night I’d assemble a sequence by selecting from the saved list of targets without having to re-enter coordinates.
Can I do that in SGP? If so, how?

It may be I can do this via astroplanner, but I’m interested to see if I can do it within SGP

Jim Seargeant


There are lots of ways you can do this…

  • Create a new sequence in SGPro with the equipment profile you’d like to use
  • Add your target(s), Click on Target Settings, on the right side:
  • Open a previous FITS file with your target (or somebody else’s doesn’t matter) - OR -
  • Enter the URL of an Astrobin or Flickr image you like - OR -
  • Type the name of the object in the box - OR -
  • Click solve… location is entered for you.

Or, if you want to prep targets individually for later use and dont want to do any of the stuff above, find and enter your target’s location in the right side of the target settings dialog and export the SGR file. Open it back up when you are ready to shoot the target.

Or, use the Mosaic and Framing Wizard. Open it up, type in your target, draw a box around what you want to image and it will create a sequence for you with all the location pre-populated.

Lastly, you can import a list of AstroPlanner or Starry Night targets. I don’t really recommend this though. Tough to understand how your camera will frame the target with these types of lists.


Would it not work if you just created a sequence with all your targets and then only turn on the ones you wish to use each night. The order of the targets can also easily be arranged in the sequence as required.

Clear Skies.



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Mick, that would work! I could add and subtract targets from the sequence as required. The master sequence becomes the list of targets. I was over-working the problem.

Ken, framing is not an issue at all. I just want the target to be centered, which SGP will do.

Jim Seargeant