Says complete sequence when it hasnt only when connected to telescope mount eqmod ascom heq5


hi slight problem when I set the sequence up with a lrgb efw,and atik camera it runs through the sequence fine and moving my filter wheel and taking images fine,but as soon as I connect to my mount ascom heq5 it does not run through the sequence or turn my filter wheel and sequence complete pops straight up,disconnecting the mount makes the sequence work correctly again help appreciated thanks


link to my log file cheers


I am not a developer but I just checked your logs and found this:

[11/16/2016 4:03:12 PM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Mount is not tracking! Aborting capture event (and sequence… recovery is not allowed here… assuming mount is not tracking for safety).


bang on just started stellarium and set the mount going then bingo it worked,thank you very much for that,werent we talking on astrobin about a d5300 last night…small world thanks again entilza


Could this message be put in a message box? Once you see it it’s pretty obvious what is wrong. Maybe give the user the option to turn tracking on.


thanks guys


I like being super cryptic about stuff like this… job security.


Next beta should have a pop up dialog with “Yes / No” stuff on it asking if you want to correct the mount’s state.


Sure, but the job you get is in support, not software development. I know what I’d prefer…