SBIG AO support



This topic has been advanced before but not recently. My understanding is that because of the SBIG driver’s “one camera at a time” policy (which is dumb, but a fact) PhD2 is unable to support the SBIG AO systems. According to a 2017 post by Andy on the PhD forum, this would require a new API from SGP to allow the SGP/PhD system to work with SBIG AO systems.

Is this correct and, if so, is there any plan to do this?



Yes, that is correct. Since SGP is attached to the camera we would need to open up an API so that PHD2 could pass correction data to the AO.

Currently no plan but certainly not opposed to it. I’ll get with @Andy and see what is needed. It may not take a lot of effort to get this done. The problem would be testing.



Based on previous posts on the subject, I suspect that there are at least a few users that would love to test it.

The reason I have asked is that I am considering buying one but do not want to use anything but SGP.



i can test this, i own an AO-8 which is gathering dust due to lack of support…


I’d be happy to help with testing too. STT8300, Self Guiding Filter wheel and AO.