SBIG Guider Error while checking for image complete : NO_ERROR


The configuration of my astronomical equipment:
PHD: 2.6.3
CCD Camera: SBIG STT-8300, the camera connects the computer via USB.
Operating system: Windows XP SP3 Simplified Chinese version

From the start of using SGP, my camera occasionally complains when filming and guiding the star ‘SBIG Guider error while checking for image complete: No_error’.

The PHD also complains ‘After xx sec the camera has not completed a 1.0 sec exposure, so it has been disconnected to prevent other problems…’.

It doesn’t make any difference if I set the PHD’s timeout to 3 minutes.

This problem has been accompanied by my use of SGP, which has been very frequent lately, and almost every sequence has been aborted by this error. I have to ask for help again. Thank you, and hope someone could give me some advice.
The attachments are the logs of SGP and PHD.
20171007 SBIG No (655.0 KB)

How I want to photograph the beautiful stars~! Please help me! :cry: