SBIG ST-8300C and SBIG Error


I have an older SBIG ST-8300C camera which connects and works fine with SGPro version However, with any version higher ( and newer) I get an error: SBIG Error while fetching customer options: UNKNOWN-Command. I’ve read other posts (for newer SBIG cameras) where this error has occurred and the solution was to update the camera drivers. However, I’m stuck in that as far as I know, there are no newer drivers for this older camera (according to SBIG driver checker I have the latest driver: 4.74 Build 7, 12-19-11). Is there anyway to fix this error?


I reran SBIG driver checker and now see a newer version of the camera driver (4.99). I’ll try that. If the new driver doesn’t work I’ll let you know.

Thanks and sorry for not seeing the newer driver before I posted.