SBIG ST-8E Compatibility


In an earlier thread there was a forum post on the SBIG 7E parallel port camera. It was indicated that the newer version of SGP should support this camera. I am probably about the last guy on the planet that still uses an SBIG ST-8E with a CFW-8 and Sloan photometric filters. but it works quite well on my CPC 11" Celestron. My main focus is to do photometry, so not interested in the latest and greatest just reliability. My setup has been to use CCDCommander to control the moonlite focuser, The Sky pro 6 and either CCDSoft or Maxim DL5. I keep reading about how good SGP is and would like to give it a try. CCDcommander can be finicky with a parallel port setup so looking to upgrade a bit on control software.

So my question is…
Is the driver for a ST-8E still supported in SGP? I notice that it is now up to a 3.0 and often in the new upgrades old outdated drivers are dropped.By the way I use Windows 7 32 bit OS. However, the parallel port camera can not be added to anything above Win 7, 32 bit. You may be able to do it with a parallel port card but have never tried it.


I have never tried a parallel port camera with SGP but, looking in the equipment setup under SBIG cameras, there are selections for LPT’s 1 thru 3. Download the trial version and give it a try, you have nothing to loose.



Thanks Bob
Planning on giving that a try. It is supposed to be -15 tonight with windchill plus a full moon so it will have to wait a bit for an actual sky test but may get my SBIG ST-7E and give it a try with the software. Work over the holiday season is pretty hectic so next week I should be able to give it a try.


Understood. We haven’t had a clear night in so long I have to dig out the
instructions on my equipment :>).



Ouch! forgot I posted that earlier! The weather here is not good either and looks to be dismal for a couple of weeks so trying out SGP will have to wait as well.