Scheduled start/end says 'yesterday' instead of 'today'

This morning around 8am I was trying to set a schedule to run starting at 6pm and ending at 9pm for a target that’s rapidly leaving my backyard’s viewable area… I kept having an issue where it would never say ‘today’ and I got an exclamation point in a circle above the inputs. It’s there a time limit for how far in advance I can schedule something? The sequence was in progress and I did try resetting it as well as toggling the lock icon next to the schedule inputs.

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We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs, SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

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I believe this bug appears if one tries to do changes before 12.00

I don’t think it is a bug as such…just that many moons ago it was settled that SGP 24 hour clock runs from midday to midday…if I remember correctly.

It is tough to infer dates based on time of day… SGPro usually makes the right decision, but having a set of rules that satisfies all conditions is probably not realistic. We should probably just allow the “today / tomorrow” value to be overridden.

Ah that would be excellent - I figured it was a case of me using it wrong.

In the meantime - is there a way to bootstrap sequence running via script or command-line parameter? I could just not put any time limits on it and just run a scheduled task that can kick off the app whenever I want it to start. There would probably need to be a way to automatically connect to my devices though.

I just had a surprise when I got home tonight - apparently I left the sequence running and the schedule flipped over to ‘tonight’ later on in the day. When I got home the scope was positioned appropriately, albeit with a sheet over it still. I guess I should ignore the “yesterday” designation when using scheduling since it will correct itself later on?