Scripting Assistance


I don’t have any experience with scripting so I am not sure how to do the following task. Perhaps its a simple script. Perhaps it can be accomplished in a different way.
When my sequence is done I would like to copy a file from my C:\documents to the root of the folder of the sequence that just finished.
example: copy C:\Documents\processing.bat to C:\Pictures\SGP\FOLDER_NAME(changes name for each target I image)
Whats the best way to accomplish this?


To do that, you did not need script : Configure your sequense with in the directory field : D:\pierr\Documents\AstroPhoto\Frames (for exemple)
and complete de file name field with (for exemple) ;
where image will create a directory named as your object name in the directory \Frame


Thanks for your reply but that is not what I need to do.
I created a windows batch file (processing.bat) then when ran, it creates a series of folders, copies some calibration files into my sequence from a different location, and a few other things so that when I start Pixinsight, I will have a folder structure and misc. other files and folders that goes with my workflow.
The sequence gets saved on my imaging PC located in my ob and then I use a backup program to copy the entire structure over to my desktop PC in my office for post processing. I wanted this batch file to travel over with the sequence. I could just copy the one file manually as it just a simple copy and paste. But If i could have it done my SGP as part of the sequencing, why not.
I have a couple of ideas to try tonight. But please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts.


If the *.bat file is doing the job for you from a command prompt or when you click on it Google bat to exe. It will give you a number of possible solutions. Once your bat is in exe you can run it as a post event in the final target of your sequence.