Sequence abort probem

Hello again,

Continuing to try to run some daytime tests to ensure my dome syncs with the scope, but I’ve run into a sequence abort. Any help much appreciated. Log file link below.

thanks for help,

Can’t be certain why, but SGPro lost the connection with your focuser and was unable to continue. Loss of power, faulty cable, cable unplugged, etc…

ok thanks for looking Ken. Is there a log file viewer for SGP? Something like that used for PHD2 logs? for simple issues like this, if the log file was structured for easy viewing it might reduce the burden on you guys.

For most cases, this is why we added the “event notification center” to the SGPro interface. When we can, we like to relay issues, warnings and errors there. The logs are for a multi-threaded application and can be difficult to structure. We use an application called LogViewPlus. I think it’s great, but for a casual user of it, the $40 cost may be too much. It does allow for thread grouping, error isolation and a whole bunch of other stuff.