Sequence Aborted (Recovery mode failed)



I tried to run SGPro overnight for the first time in ages last night.

  1. Set up my sequence (with a forced end time of 4:30am just in case).
  2. Sequence was a series of 3 minute LRGB frames. Total time 3 hours.
  3. PHD had been tracking perfectly all evening.
  4. Got to midnight, decided to change target (M95 - past meridian).
  5. Recalibrated PHD. Let it stabilise and take a few frames in SGPro. All working fine.
  6. Went to bed.

Woke up this morning to find the sequence had aborted after 1hr 30min.

According to the log, PHD lost its guide star and recovery mode failed [01:42:04].

According to the forecast it was clear all night, so i can’t imagine a cloud caused PHD to lose its star, but maybe.

I thought recovery mode would keep trying ?

Interested to learn more about what went wrong thats all.

Here’s the log file: Link to Log




It is unlikely that it was a cloud (maybe?). Before any report about losing the guide star, there is a report about losing the lock on the star just after a dither command. Some comments:

  • We don’t know what version of PHD2 you are using
  • We would need corresponding PHD2 logs to diagnose
  • You are using a version of SGPro that is no longer supported (and has since had several issues related to toggling recovery resolved)