Sequence Aborts During Centering


I am using Celestron gear (C8 & AVX) and their CPWI control software. I have SGP connected to the hand controller via USB, and I am using PHD2 for guiding.

I have created several sequences with the Frame & Mosiac wizard (very nice feature), but when I run the sequences they all seem to abort during the target centering operation. I can see PHD2 launch and connect when I connect all equipment from SGP. I am using ASTAP for plate solving and the local ANSVR for blind failover.

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Windows 10 Pro - build 1909

Well, you are having difficulty with solving. 99% of the time this issue can be resolved by one or more of the following:

  • Increase exposure time of the plate solve frame
  • Verify that the scale value in the camera tab is correct (and represents 1x1 binning)
  • Perform a more precise initial sync of the mount

This is the data SGPro gave to the solver. Does it seem accurate?


Yes … that all looks correct.

I double checked my camera settings (Canon EOS 70D DSLR). The scale and pixel size are correct …


I have bumped up the duration of the plate solve image to 20s at 1600 ISO. I also bumped up the auto stretch to “Medium”.

To test, I used APT with the same camera settings and grabbed an image that ASTAP was able to solve in 20s.