Sequence complete


Since a few days I have integrated my mount (vixen with SynScan and EQMOD) in SGP,
But when I want to run a sequence it immediately says: Sequence complete - which is of course not true.
Anyone an idea?


It’s hard to know anything without a log. Can you provide a SGP log file?
Did you make sure and tick the check mark next to each target and event?
It sounds like maybe you started the sequence with no active targets or no
active events in the target.


I 'll try to find the log file, but SGP warns you if nothing is checked…


To find the log you can go to Help/Open Log Folder.


Had same trouple think its getting confused between a profile and sequence but have no idea why. a novice at CCD so learning all the time. I eventually set up a new Sequence and eventually it worked.