Sequence Generator is Released for General Use


U P D A T E D   O N   D E C E M B E R   2 nd,  2 0 1 7

Hi folks,

SGPro is an official release! This release contains many changes, but its primary purpose is for stabilization.

This release officially marks the end of support for versions of SGPro that predate Changes:

  • Repairing broken AstroBin import (occurred after AstroBin site upgrade). Changes:

  • Bug: No longer replacing ‘’ characters from file/path naming templates. Changes:

  • Change: SGPro now supports controlling ASCOM camera gain by binning (your driver must support this). If it is not set, SGPro will defer control of it to the ASCOM driver itself.
  • Change: Clicking the Auto Focus “Run” button while a sequence is running will now force AF to run before the next frame starts integration.
  • Change: Added a sequence level option to disconnect all gear on sequence end.
  • Change: Increased the DSO Browser list import call timeout to 60 seconds (up from 15).
  • Change: Reintroduced the initial solve process to the front of the auto-meridian flip routine (notice there is no attempt to sync here) to get a proper post-flip reference. This should address a problem that could cause subsequent centering routines to be “off”.
  • Change: Added Nikon NEF files to the supported image “drag & drop” list.
  • Change: Additional logging for MFW canvas fetch that might fail (maybe due to regional formatting changes… not sure)
  • Change: PHD2 settle timeout has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • Change: Added GAIN and EGAIN (Electrons per ADU) to FITS headers for ASCOM cameras.
  • Change: Logs now have sub-second precision for better correlation with ASCOM device logs.
  • Change: Removed 60 second timeout for backlash compensation. Should fix long running focuser moves.
  • Change: Provision to allow users to toggle ASCOM focuser temp comp via scripts (in most cases this should be slightly easier to use than the ASCOM scripting… since SGPro manages errors and connections for you).
  • Change: Added the SGPro profile name to the FITS headers.
  • Change: Parking the telescope no longer waits for the auto guider to report it is stopped.
  • Change: More resilient exposure abort for ASCOM cameras.
  • Change: Refactored PlateSolve logging to improve user troubleshooting.
  • Change: Recovery mode now checks for target end time while it is waiting to start the next attempt.
  • Change: Converting FLI pixel size to um prior to entry as a FITS header (from meters)
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that would cause a sequence to stop without a clear reason when a sequence was asked to auto center with filter “None”.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where the error message for auto observatory slaving was in the title bar.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that, in some cases, could cause the “Pause Sequence” button to become permanently disabled.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that would cause HFR values not to recalculate for new images within the same window.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that would cause an error when importing targets with start / end times using the year 0001.
  • Bug: Fixed copy / paste bug that, for Stellarium, would match “Apparent Sidereal Time” as RA and “Size” as Dec.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that could indicate an observatory is required even if the “Slave to Telescope” checkbox is not checked.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that set the SET-TEMP FITS header to the current temperature of the TEC.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that would allow the filter list to contain user filters with no names (and provide bad exposure length info while running AF).
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that would allow for selection of an AF override filter and then allow “None” to be selected as the filter.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where SGPro’s internal temp comp was broken if using an external device to read ambient temperature.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that required the “Salve dome” option to be checked in order to auto connect.
  • Bug: Better checking for illegal characters in the file naming pattern.