Sequence Generator Beta is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 3.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find the beta here:

Sequence Generator

  • Change: Docking modules inherit title bar color from Control.DarkDark (this is for the Windows 10 dark theme by Shane aka @Kor) -> Win10 Dark Theme for SGP
  • Change: MFW Fetch now checks to see if an internet connection is available. If not, it displays an appropriate message.
  • Change: demoting local DSO location database in favor of SIMBAD (reports of local being less accurate)
  • Fix: Restart on safe will no longer show TEC not at temperature dialog for cameras that cool on connect.
  • Fix: ZWO Cameras will no longer disconnect when a new sequence is opened

Sequence Generator

  • Change: If the auto focus validation frame warning appears, SGPro will rerun auto focus starting from the original position. This will happen up to 3 times. If the warning is still present, SGPro will return to the starting position and continue the sequence. This is not super helpful… but is prep for other AF work.
  • Add: You can now filter the Notification popups in SGPro options
  • Add: Allow 10 Search Regions for PlateSolve2
  • Fix: “Dither every x frames” (was erroneously considering non-light frames)
  • Fix: Missing PHD2 port missing after sequence / profile migration
  • Fix: ZWO saved camera selection
  • Fix: Issue where aborting sequence after unsafe would restart sequence
  • Fix: Bug that would auto-change PlateSolve2 search regions after manual solve
  • Fix: Issue converting exposure time when display language was English, but region was not
  • Fix: Delay exposure string processing until no key press for 1 sec
  • Fix: Dont log image data from API guider
  • Fix: Remove profile name from sequencer window
  • Fix: Replaced old settings system with one much less fragile (wont lock SGPro on start)
  • Fix: Issue where flats wizard data might not save to equipment profile
  • Fix: Better message when no ZWO cameras are connected
  • Fix: Alnitak double connect issue, better message when com port is empty.
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